Rick Kollmeyer and Blue Edge Labs

I am an experienced entrepreneur, software architect, innovator, angel investor and start-up advisor. My experience comes from 25+ years of building companies, bootstrapping businesses, selling, presenting and working with customers, designing solutions, managing projects and working long hours. I created my first business while I was in college and since then, I have only worked for someone else’s company for 2 years of my entire career.

I founded Blue Edge Labs to establish a network of creative, like-minded entrepreneurs with a goal of experimenting and prototyping with leading edge technologies. Our objective is to apply these technologies in innovative ways with the goal of discovering financially viable products and businesses.The Blue Edge Labs network include software architects, developers, product managers, designers, sales, marketing experts, social media gurus, accountants, lawyers and other highly motivated individuals eager to participate in creating the next great product or business.If you have an idea for a new business, or if you are excited about being part of something new and exciting, then please reach out to me so we can talk!

Currently Advising

Currently Incubating

  • FreeTymz
  • Time Machine
  • Stand Up
  • HashScan.it
  • iBuzzia



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